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Sat 28 April U11 Piranhas Match Report

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WOW!  What a game!!!  Immanuel Rattlesnakes was a tough and strong team we versed today.  The weather started off raining but ended with sunshine giving us all an unexpected tan on this autumn day.

I don’t know where to start but to say everyone  played outstandingly.

Our defence was brilliant and the team really put in 100%.  You made us all very proud!

The Immanuel Rattlesnakes dominated the first half with a 2-0 lead but thankfully for Jacob’s saves it could have been much worse.

Corey was outstanding getting in front of their players and clearing the ball.

Going into half time after our “sticky hands circle war cry” we were so lucky to have our team give their best which changed the game finishing with a 4-2 win.

Well done to Laird & Declan for getting Player of the Match.  It was a tie which doesn’t happen often with the point system we have, but both well deserved.

Well done also to Mia for getting Immanuel’s Player of the Week

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