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Sat 26 August U12 Grand Final

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U12 Grand Final – Coolum crusaders was up against Caloundra black in the grand final. The atmosphere was amazing with all the support from the parents. Both teams started the game strong and fast, pressuring each others keeper. The sharks were making more opportunities and putting more shots on goal, but they just couldn’t put one away. Just before half time, Coolum was unable to stop a counter attack from Caloundra which resulted in goal. The Second half the Sharkies were out to win, hungry for a goal we pressured hard and fast putting caloundra on the defensive. Half way through the second half, the midfielders created a nice passing play which caused the ball to end up at Jakes feet 1-1 with the keeper where he slotted the ball bottom left. The second half ended 1-1, which meant extra time. The first half of extra time the game was equal with neither team really pressuring each others goal, however Coolum got very close and where unlucky not to be 2-1 up by the second half. The second half of extra time Caloundra started quick and from a mistake in the Sharks backline, they scored again taking the lead early. Coolum fought hard and pressured the goal keeper but just couldn’t manage to score a goal, and just before the full time whistle, Caloundra scored another counter attack goal from a Coolum mistake. the game ended 3-1 to Caloundra, However not only was this Coolums first year in a  grand final in which they played a stella game, but they also came second in the league which shows how much they improved and developed individaully and as a team. MVP went to every player on the team as the whole team played such an outstanding game

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