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Hotshotz Soccer Camp Review

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The Hotshotz soccer camp again ran over the June/July school hols. We ended up with almost 40 kids by the end of the week. It was a great week for both kids and leaders, with many activities such as 6-a-side and Christian booklets in the morning, skill training and kids verses leaders in the afternoons, and at the end of the week a best of 3 world cup tournament. The kids spent the week learning about team work, training hard, encouraging each other as well as skills such as dribbling, first touch, passing and communicating.
This year there were 6 teams for the 6-a-side each with their own leaders, and throughout the week every leader saw the kids improving and applying what they were learning into their soccer. On Wednesday after every 6-a-side team had versed each other twice, we had group A finals and group B finals. This year the Red team managed to take the Group A win.
To end the week we had the world cup tournament in which all the kids were split into 4 teams, France, Argentina, Brazil or Germany. To make this world cup official we had referees come in and all the kids got their own jerseys. It was a great tournament as both teams and all kids played so well. All the games were closely contested and this year team Germany managed to get the win first place.
The final ceremony is always a great way to end the week, with all the parents there to support their kids, and all the kids excited to receive medals, trophies and even a gift bag full of lollies and other goodies for scoring the requisite number of goals against the leaders throughout the week in the leader verses kids games. There was also 4 winners who received a soccer ball bean bag for the Spirit of the Week awards which is awarded to those who encourage and went out of their way to help others during the camp.
The week was lots of fun for both leaders and kids, and all the leaders were so encouraged by all the great feedback from the parents. We hope to see everyone again next year.
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