Committee Charter

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Committee Charter

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  1. Build and execute a plan for the future, including succession planning for our Committee and other key Club personnel
  2. Encourage the development of skills and thought within our Committee
  3. Provide leadership for all those in our Club
  4. Proactively seek and manage relationships with appropriate funding sources and sponsors
  5. Ensure the fair and efficient conduct of selection trials and competitions
  6. Promote excellence and develop the highest standard of sport possible
  7. Create an environment which includes all members and provides them with the opportunity to develop to the best of their ability
  8. Submit annual reports, quarterly financial statements and be involved in higher level governance for the good of the club and the game
  9. Set budgets and be diligent and accountable for the funds
  10. Conduct the business of the Club through Sub-Committees and appointed officers as required on such terms and conditions as it believes appropriate.
  11. Be active in the development of players, officials and administrators by setting and maintaining quality standards
  12. Seek to understand the issues, priorities and needs of our parents, players, volunteers and administrators
  13. Proactively seek out what we most need to know, and then employ the best resources to get the knowledge we need.
  14. From time to time in accordance with the Constitution, make decisions for the conduct of its own proceedings, the control of its funds and property, and efficient management of its administration.
  15. Subject to the relevant Certified Agreements, the Committee may appoint staff as it decides is necessary to maintain efficient operation of the Committee.
  16. Select, support and manage the performance of a senior management personnel, including providing adequate resources to efficiently carry out all necessary duties.


  1. Systematically seek input and feedback from our members on what we are doing and how we are doing it, and publish this feed back on our website
  2. Develop and publish both a strategic plan and a business plan, and openly report on both
  3. Publish a summary of our minutes and our Committee meeting schedule on our website
  4. Agree, publish and use both a Committee Charter and a Code of Conduct

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