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About Coolum Crusaders

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Coolum Crusaders is a church soccer club founded by Coolum Beach Baptist Church in 2017. It operates from Caulfield-Chambers field at 1946 David Low Way (enter onto Seacove Lane) which is part of the Coolum Sports Complex.

We are a family-centred club of excellence, not only focused on providing a quality soccer experience for each player and a place where all members feel welcome and at home, but also caring for our members and their families.


The club has access to this new field, qualified coaching staff, amenities, and good food service facilities located in the Coolum Beach Baptist Church.

As such, we provide a family area in the Coolum Beach Baptist Church where parents and children can relax before and during training.


We offer a sibling discount, and accept government vouchers.


We provide free coaching clinics and resources for coaches, from beginner to experienced, so that they can better guide their teams.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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